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TheVirtualSoulClinic is a tech-driven non-profit organization that's democratizing a listening ear by connecting trained volunteer coaches with people in the community who require mental health support via virtual, high quality safe spaces.

The non-profit platform, launched in 2021, provides mental health first aid – first with an evidence-based QuickScan.

This proprietary tool is used to diagnose the client’s mental and emotional health status and based on the results, the client books a 15-minute call with a support coach that listens, helps untangle mind webs and invites the client to take initial steps in the direction of healing and recovery. 

Services at TheVirtualSoulClinic (diagnostic survey, results, support call and post-call recommendations) are all free of charge. Beneficiaries include new (and not so new) immigrants settling into Canada and young leaders that identify as people of colour from all walks of life. So far, the organization has trained over 84 support coaches and virtually helped about 900 people via its services.


TheVirtualSoulClinic is on a quest to expand its network of support coaches, equip them via continuous training and mentoring, improve the platform’s user experience and increase its reach. 

When do we need the funds? NOW. The rates of anxiety, depression and suicide are skyrocketing and people need help more than ever before. All amounts are welcome!

Online counselling
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