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Funmi Ayowole & TheVirtualSoulClinic have built a real-time (24/7 access) virtual soul clinic that provides FREE 15-minute coaching for EVERYONE, regardless of time zone and location.

The platform (launched Nov 2021) is a safe space for people experiencing sadness, anxiety, depression or going through hard times in their minds/hearts.

On the website, they are able to book time - FREE 15 minutes - and speak to a caring support coach who listens and if necessary, makes recommendations for next steps - a personal action, a course, another coach, a book or just good old-fashioned rest (mental, emotional, or physical). 

These sessions are powered through zoom video calls and a scheduling engine that links coaches and users in all global time zones so that coaches are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Funds donated are used for website development, coach training and support, and global media campaigns to draw people to book and experience the comfort and healing that these sessions will bring. 
We also hope to increase the free sessions to 30 minutes in 2024, with your support.

When do we need the funds? NOW. The rates of anxiety, depression and suicide are skyrocketing and people need help more than ever before.


All amounts are welcome.

Please click on the button below to make donations via gofundme.

Thank you

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