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Wondering what #SoulCoaching is? Click on the link above to watch an information video.

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Do you sense that you can BE better in your mind, will, and emotions but are not exactly sure whether you need a therapist, coach, counselor or just a shoulder to cry on?
Just like the initial check of your vitals at the hospital, this QuickScan gives us a broad idea about the state of your soul. This QuickScan may not be for you right NOW, so feel free to share.
Thoughts are things and when evaluated, the results indicate areas #YourSoulCoach can focus on and to what degree.

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 In different areas of life such as family, finance, identity, romance, and emotional health,

#YourSoulCoach responds to people's expressed pains.

#YourSoulCoach tackles specialized Emotional and Mental Health issues such as

Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management, Suicide, and more. 

Please click link above to watch.

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