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Amplify your inner voice...

The noise in the world is loud and can quiet your inner voice.

You need to master the art of listening to your inner voice over and above the noise.

That's what #YourSoulCoach will guide you into doing if you can devote just 15 minutes of your day, DAILY...for 15 days.

Join the next 15-Day Soul Challenge from December 1-15, 2020 by signing up here:

It's an email based course, so all you need to do is sit quietly with a journal, pen and an email from #YourSoulCoach everyday. For FREE.

Journal prompts, guided meditation, intense questions...there's so much to gain.

Last day to sign up is tomorrow: November 27th, so don't procrastinate.

The course converts to a paid one in 2021.

If you participated fully in the October cohort, then share the love and testimonies by encouraging your friends and loved ones to also sign up here:

Thank you so much Coach @oluseyeashiru of @momyouniversity for this sincere feedback of how the first edition transformed your thinking.

Soulfully yours,

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