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Eye and ear gates

Your soul is receptive to whatever your eyes see and your ears hear.

Words, images, narratives, expressions, sentiments, underlying perspectives and opinions...spoken and unspoken.

You must be very selective about the information you allow enter into your soul.

Who are the people you allow into your space?

Syncophants or Truth-tellers?

Firefighters or Firelighters?

Demotivators or Motivators?

Discouragers or Encouragers?

Negative people spread nothing but negativity into your soul while positive people deliver messages that ignite your soul and makes you a better person.

This week, be careful about the people you allow to speak over and into your life, whether through conversations you have, posts you read, videos you watch, accounts you follow, etc.

#YourSoulCoach is here to assist you in evaluating the people you give access to your life.

Have a great week ahead!

Soulfully Yours,

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